Armadale – A Retailer’s Paradise

August 22, 2017
Armadale – A Retailer’s Paradise

Not only for high fashion, Armadale’s variety of retailers might make you wish you left your wallet at home!


Photo credit: Ivy Muse

Bringing greenery into our homes provide numerous health benefits. They help to filter the air of pollutants, create a sense of calm, and bring beauty.

Create harmony inside and out. If you need some inspiration, the team at Ivy Muse can assist.

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Visit later: 1250 High Street, Armadale


Photo credit: Fiorina Jewellery

“Jewellery is no longer just an accessory; I see it as an extension of one’s emotional and personal expression.” Fiorina Golotta.

We’ve been crushing on the unique and iconic Fiorina Jewellery for some time now. In fact, you know when we are coming from the jingle of our bracelets!

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Visit later: 897 High St, Armadale


With the change in season, it’s the perfect time to visit High Street, Armadale to update your interiors. And we don’t mean an overhaul. Soft furnishings: cushions, throws, rugs and greenery.

Charlie and Fenton is an independent textile studio, founded in early 2010 and their look is ‘a blend of bright angular geometric patterns, off kilter painterly watercolours and the occasional unexpected psychedelic triumph!’

Drop into Charlie and Fenton in Kings Arcade for interiors inspiration.

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Visit later: Shop 7, Kings Arcade 974-978 High Street, Armadale 


What is behind those pink doors? Market Import of course! A fixture in the retail strip of Armadale for certain.

Specialising in homewares from artisans in Mexico, Italy and Spain, it’s the perfect place to find a colourful and unique piece of decor for your new home.

Add some spice, bring some colour – take a look at Market Import.
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Visit later: 19 Morey St, Armadale 


Photo credit: Gaudion Furniture

There is such a joy to shopping for new items and elements for the home. Whether they are centred on form and function, or beauty and art. They all add to the warmth and personality of our homes.

Gaudion have a wonderful selection of furniture, furnishings, art and wallpapers – not to mention a design service to help you on your way.

We find this particularly helpful when downsizing from a family home to a modern apartment. Gaudion can assist in clarifying and creating your new home style.

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Visit later: 1001 High St, Armadale


Ah Aesop. What a wonderful homegrown story you are.

Founded in Melbourne in 1987, they now have 100 unique stores in over 18 countries. Such a great success story.

The Aesop store in Armadale is a perfect example of the commitment to interior architecture that supports the Aesop brand and beautifully showcases the skincare products. See if you can walk past without stopping…

We love the Aesop products and think they look rather splendid in our Chronicle bathroom.

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Visit later: 1057 High St, Armadale


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