Construction is underway!

August 14, 2017
Construction is underway!

Chronicle Armadale is now under construction! Demolition works have rapidly progressed and the existing building has come down. See you for yourself and make your way to 960 High Street – beside the historic Kings Arcade – to take a peek at our on site progress as our building partner, Marcus Group, continues demolition activity. It was bittersweet to see our display suite be demolished but all in the name of progress…

Also helping deliver the Chronicle vision are CHT Architects, whose work consists of high-quality, distinctive buildings and spaces that complement modern Australian life. Chronicle is the perfect example of this, with a design that responds to the village life that Armadale locals know and love. From the outside in and the inside out, Chronicle has been designed in harmony. Patterns, textures, materials and finishes are referenced and echoed throughout the development to deliver a strong and unique residential experience.

That’s why CHT were the perfect choice for Bensons to collaborate with to bring you Chronicle Armadale.

We look forward to watching Chronicle continue to take shape and come to life in early 2019.

If you haven’t registered your interest in owing a luxury 2 or 3 bedroom apartment at Chronicle, don’t miss your opportunity.